Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jon Tubbs long beach store

In long beach for our buddy Jon Tubbs grand opening rad store store check it out

Donk Head.

Damn son, if donking out your hair is the new style, then this shit is going to rule. Have your hair style matching your ride and shit. Fuck it, donk out your body. Where chromed clown shoes with a shirt that has your shoe size super big printed on it in some fancy font.

The Boy Named Benji.

If you haven't met Benji from the Death Science crew, then you're missing out. I swear that he is from outer space. Here's a photo of him with some freshly shaven legs, a black ass face, and a polished up grill. See you soon my dude.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kids used to be way cooler.

Here's a 50cc Harley that Robby is rebuilding. Unfortunately, this is just a photo of a state that it was in at one point in time. Just look a that fucking thing! I bet that kid got laid a shit load.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Product is rolling in......

...... to give away to you guys at The Dixie Roundup and DicE Party. Don't miss it!

2000 Posts!

Wow do I got a lot of bullshit time on my hands or what? Cheers mutha fucka.

Monday, March 28, 2011


like Nick said, we had a pretty solid saturday. i took some photos of the the goons and got harassed for never using any of the pictures i take anywhere so here are some from saturday. enjoy!

Moon. Stoked

show trophy planning

nick looking at shovel flywheels. goofy ass face.

chop-off shovel trans. or art. you decide.

Larry made a weld or two...

Luke menaced and bit Duane's ass. shouldnt have been dancing asshole.

Duane making dance. If you've ever met Duane you know how much sense this picture makes....

Kustom Jeff sizing up his sportster chop.

Pickett made it out! good to see you friend.

Duane and The Weed Steed on ChopCult.

Saturday at the shop...............

All of us got together (almost) and discussed bike show details. Moon finished up his bike and rode it home. Duane rode Chauncey's bike around and wants it now. Spenser started changing his new bike up already. I got drunk all day. I still don't know who that other guy in the photo is, I think he said his name is Bob. Saturday was fun.

Doin' that prom shit.

Spiking the punch with Wild Irish Rose. Makin' Daddy proud.

Parts Needed.

Larry is in need of some Harley axle plates for a build that he has a deadline on that he is just now getting around to. Real or repop doesn't matter. Hit that nigga up if you can help.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Dixie Roundup.

Ok, tomorrow we are discussing what to do for trophies for the bike show. I can't wait. Anyone have a dildo or two they can donate? We are going to have a class for everything, so bring your bike out and show it off! Here's my newest build:

Whoa, there on the right.

I love biker rallies. Where every mom cuts loose.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


These are all a few photos from Brandon's archive. I miss our navigator and his basement where all of this shit started.

Nipple Rang.

Plastic dude.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Juggalette , John Cena, Weed shirt, Fine ass redheaded bitch, ................. Perfection.

The Infamous Koozie.

Duane came up with the idea for the Haints koozies on the way back from Cincinnati a couple of years ago. Brunson then made a few that were white so your koozie can show your mileage. The more it gets used, the dirtier it gets. So many people have told me that their Haints koozie is "back pocket for life", which absolutely rules and your drink will never go warm. Some of our friends actually send us pictures of their koozies checking in from different places. Especially Warren Jr. I get at least one of those pictures from him a week. Brunson, we need more koozies! Titties And Destroy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roundup Info

Heres a map showing the shop, hotels, bar and a few camp spots.  If youve got any questions holler at us

Chop Cult.

Magoo did a cool article on my Shovelhead for ChopCult. Thanks for the kind words dude. DS Jay's infamous dick tuck photo is in there. The Weed Steed should have one coming soon. Check it out here.

DicE Party and Bike Show Updates.

More good news. Since we are keeping everything free, we now have free beer for all of you folks attending the Birmingham DicE Party. We will buy a few kegs from the bar for your consumption, but when it's gone, you gotta buy from the bar. Not too bad eh?

As for the Dixie Roundup, everything is just about squared away with that. As you know, the bike show will be during the day at Garage Co. Customs, then the party will start at 7 pm downtown at the bar. The bike show itself will start at 12:00 and awards will be presented at 5:00. At 6 we will ride to the party. We are having a meeting this Saturday to discuss specific classes and what kind of fucked up trophies we can come up with.

If it wasn't for the internet.........