Monday, May 31, 2010

Bham Al Courthouse

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of a secret Swazi

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Duane and his Caddy.

Care package from the Hate Factory.

Shanebo rules. You see people sending each other shirts or products from their shops or companies all the time. Fuck you. Those people have never received a real care package before. I open up this size 11 Nike box addressed to me and there is this awesome note. Underneath the note gets better. There is a fabricated tri-knife that would be useful especially for ninjas, a brick of firecrackers, a ring with a horse morphing out of it, the new Vibes magazine, a BOSS patch, a flask with a wizard on it, a Cadillac emblem, a kustom, a fuckload of stickers, and a rather large safety pin. That's a care package mother fuckers.

Friday, May 28, 2010


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Back in business.

After a few minor repairs and new set of bars, my bike is recovered from our encounter with wild animals trying to take us out. Also thanks to Warrens advice, I put a 48 low speed jet in the carb and it fucking rules. West coast here we come.

New Recruit

Bowles snapped this photo of our new guy during Margarita Monday at the Sheraton Hotel. Meet Stanky Stan. His taste in women is as big as the gap between his teeth. Rad dude to have out on a boring night. Always down to party.


A few more BMR.

In no particular order......

Thursday, May 27, 2010


From the BMR.

Sup bro.

Haha throw up in your mouth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ride Eat SK8

anyone in for a sat or sun ride find food (twix & tween a possibility)maybe even throw a swim in there, then end the day with a SK8 session at the (hippy hut ramp) and find someone BBQ;ING some place (heard of a few)

A Man's Pan.

Mike D's panhead is one beautiful scooter executed nicely. CheapThrillsandGoodTimes.

My Denvers frame is back on Ebay.

It didn't reach my reserve with the springer, so I'll try without it. I need to get to building my shovelhead and I have no money! Here it is.

Bowles gets rid of his hangover.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Haints Circus at the BMR


Ninjas are badass.

A few of us are going to ninja kick our way across the country to the Born Free show. 2 weeks until we meet up with Emilio Estevez in the spirit world desert seeking chopper glory.

A few more from BMR.

HaHa....... Funny story real quick. I made a few folks mad by being drunk and all the last night we were there, which eventually turned into a confrontation. I felt bad. The best line I heard the whole weekend came from that argument. " This ain't no skateboard rally you motherfuckers!"

There was a halfpipe.

Wash yo face.

Hey Chauncy, while you were sleeping, Matt John and Brandon fixed your bike.

Yeah, his shit was fucked up.

For Nasty Nick.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Faith Skate Supply has done so much for us, get your ass out and support Peter.

Anybody seen him?

Eustace Bivins of Reliance is looking for his dog "Cornbread". If anyone has seen him, give him a call.

BMR photos.

I thought I would be a little bit more motivated today to entertain you folks with some photos, but my whole body is sore after my bounce from my bike to the road. I have to fix my bike asap. Here are some more pics not really in any particular order.

Ready to go.



Michael's new ride.



Almost there.

John's pan. It rules.

This rules as well.



On the way up this night, Chauncy's brake assembly broke and locked his wheel up about 12 miles from camp. Everything ended up wrapping around his axle and it was a jumbled mess of twisted metal. We all felt bad for him, but he was so dirty from working on it that I couldn't stop taking pictures of his face. Here are some samples of why I can't stop laughing. He looks like some character out of a vintage movie.

This photo was taken one morning. It still makes me want to gag.

America. Fuck yeah.

Making tools to spear fish.

One of the many reasons to go to the BMR. This is what you camp next to.