Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet the new hang around-

Speakin' Of Hotties On Panheads

This photo gives me a boner - and I'm talkin' about one of those 4 hour Viagri power boners!


A new one for the books!

Here's another build rolling out the doors of Haints Cycle. This certain project has respectfully earned the name of Sexual Panther. It looks awesome doing wheelies.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Haints fanmail...'bout time, fuckers...

Well, Broskinators, I'm burstin' with pride to report that Todd "Slim Pickins" McBlevins of Skeeter Junction, Arkansas reached out and touched me via email to send some love and support to the Co-Op clan. Slim writes:

"Yo dudes, I check out the blog daily. I have to admit my appreciation and unwavering support for your efforts at enlarging awareness of diversity in the realm of chasing eternal adolescence. You'd never guess that I'm 36 would ya! You inspired me, through the posts of your recklessness and irreverence to fufill a lifelong dream (well, since I saw Motorcycle Mania in 01) to straddle the steel pony and let my wild side loose (if the ole lady is cool with it). I'm considerin' joining up with the local out-of-work Mortage professionals Riding Club. It's a great way to get a little wild and crazy while networkin in the industry!!! Who says the fad is over??? BTW, I'm thinkning of naming my ride Weed Steed II- when get it, that is LOL. The pic was snapped at the local "Learn to Ride day" sponsored by Bald Sack H-D here in Skeeter J. The bros were real nice, I even got a free hotdog for fillin out a credit app. Anyhoo, keep on keepin it real, Bros, and keep the shiny side down (whatever that means). Oh yeah, that post about the nightime ride a while back brought tears to my eyes. That's true brotherhood.

PS, ya dig the tat? It's my fraternity logo done up all tribal 3-D.

Rulin' It From The Inside

Meet our latest recruit

Cornhole, your comment from the TUESDAY'S TOOTERS blog was duly noted and to address it I have sent in our big gun "GLEN" to clear up any confusion and rekindle this bromance.

In response to the post below...

Tuesday's tooters


That post below made me finish up my new tattoo.

Don't fear the snake Bros....

Respect it!

Me and Kevin smoked so many herbs last night.

Then we made out.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Even better...this bitch needs a ride on the Weed Steed

Its recommended that you partake before viewing this clip.



Any one else want to go next year?

I guess since the Born Free show is on the west coast and we live in Alabama, I had a legit excuse not to go. Next year, among a few other things, I would really like to go. Here are some jacked photos of what was there. Smoke it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magical continuation ........

Schmoe & Stewie's Birthday Bash....

Everybody loves the "WEED STEED"

Cornbread Sled

I took a Sunday ride on the ol' Tijuanaville and ended up out at the county fair in Columbiana. The fair was over and they were takin' all of the shit down, so I didn't get to see the insane critter action I was expecting, but I did find this rad lil' hayseed steed. It's a '48 Crosley 1/4 ton pickup. This fucker will do all of 50 mph. Respect it or face its wrath!

We now know that it will go down the road.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Shoots.

Maybe I can finally get in a magazine with this one.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Warning; This image may be offensive to some.
If so, you're gay! Go away.
If it turns you on, You've got an eye for the ladies.
If it just leaves you longing for something even bigger,.....
You may be a Haint.

Always yearning ~ Never satisfied
The heavy burden of the custom life.


Baby got Back

back for days fool

New Recruit

Meet Innocent Ian. He got that nickname from always getting in trouble with the law, but he never did any crime. I think he would make a great addition to the team. Maybe treasurer?He's not sketchy at all!