Monday, December 30, 2013

Supertrip 2013. A great way to end the year.

I figured since it is almost New Years, there would be no better way to end the 2013 blog posts with a massive dump of photos from Supertrip this year. Supertrip 2013 was way different than the first one that we did. Alabama Tennessee Kentucky Illinois Wisconsin Iowa Nebraska Colorado Oklahoma Arkansas Mississippi Tennessee Alabama. Colorado was the main goal due to having "family" there, and the state is one of the best in the country for riding and camping. We got rained on every day. We had more break downs. We rode more highways. But, it was all worth every second. I can't wait for the next one. There's nothing like riding with no direction with your closest friends, drinking pitchers of Coors in mountain bowling alleys, camping next to haunted mine shafts on 4x4 trails in the freezing rain with whiskey and fire to keep you warm, having your friends open their shops up to let you do some needed repair to your bikes, hitting up grocery stores and cooking feasts over a campfire after a full day of hard riding, riding through cornfields all day then crossing a ridge and instantly exploding into beautiful scenery full of rolling hills and rivers, 50 degrees in one state and 112 in another, Christina Farley's tits, riding through lightning storms with sissy bars that almost touch the clouds, not ever doing one successful "gas-and-go", everyone running out of gas in the middle of nowhere......... It was all worth it. So, sit back and enjoy these photos that gave us memories that we will never forget. All taken by Brandon.