Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

I found this shit at Heart of Dixie HD, just in time for Halloween

Chosen Few

There's so much about this photo that is just perfect.

Another night on the town.

Another night of hanging out with friends, spending too much money, drinking too much booze, and waking up feeling like a turd late for work.

Duane is officially out of the hospital, but he has to wear this drainage thing that sewn into his elbow. Gnarly.


This band rules. Rise Up Howling Werewolf.

Pickett in full force.

Scott H. Biram was tight too.

Many of people made it out.

Joe's shirt came off ?

Wielding a giant blade.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bob Ross was so prolific.

Here we see one of his lesser known works where he really makes the subject come to life. It's like Hitler is actually pondering whether that's a Jew-fro or a giant pile of donkey pubes. I think I speak for all of us when I say "Bravo Bob,.....Bravo".

the story

Well last night I was leaving Larry’s shop and went over to a friend’s house who lives in Hoover which is the worst place to ride a bike that has lots of violations on it. So of course I decide to go this route. Well this time they got me, so i pull in to a gas station where I got to spend the next 30 + minutes while the cop tried to find any and all dirt he could. the first list went like this,Bars to high (Lets get a measuring tape to see how tall), License plate not readable, No insurance card, made a few comment on a few other things, asked questions about the bike, looked at vin #’s, looked at my helmet to see if it was ok, than ran my license which is when he came back with the fact that I do not have a motorcycle license, now this is were I make out some story about being grandfathered in and did not need one and so on. Well it was my lucky day cause he spent 10 to 15 min and call on a few more cops to come by to try and figure out the actual date that I would have to be born on for this to be true, but could not so my sorry ass did not have to get a free ride in his car and my bike did not end up in the impound lot YEA! Anyhow I do not think I will be riding threw again any time soon .

Ow and I only came out of it all with just one ticket for the bars which he had no idea what it would cost due to the fact that they don’t really issue a lot of these if any ( I may have the first on for Hoover)

the ticket


how about this wassel?

Death by swellbow ,has nothing to do with motorcycles

Due to an infection that set up in my swellbow i almost died ,stayed the hospital for 12 days and got a drain stitched in my arm its a real dude magnet. Swellbow is when your elbow stays swollen at all times becuase of falling on your skateboard to much it happens when dont grow up and keep skateboarding like me . I think break dancers get it to ?

I'm working on a tan like this.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The dream of every Haint.....To become one with the road.

I always have fun at punk shows.


VL springer, O.G. frame. Around here, the old timers that got Pans see them more valuable than a Crocker. I want a Panhead fucking badly! Any of you bros out there that know where one is for a decent price, contact ya boy. I have a Weed Steed to trade!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New hole

I met this broad on the aqua-net. She said she's 21, local, and wants to be a Haint's hang around. She tried to feed me some of this bullshit about her tragic life story and how nobody understands her......blah, blah, blah. All I know is that this bitch has a super low self esteem and will do anything, and I mean anything to be a part of the group.

I am back YO!

must have been looking at to many nudy sites causeing the big guy to make my computer sick but i got it fixxed soooooo watch out itroweb world Dusty Shmo is back


All of that fan mail to Lorenzo Lamas of Lorenzo Lamas Chops and Bobs, and he finally sent an autographed photo. Thanks Lozo!


Fuck. Perfect.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Can't really figure out what is going on here.

Lowbrow Kyle fucking Joe over.

The Frog Brothers


46 Knuck

Jrod has been on the hunt.

He captured this amazing critter on film for us. Shit is quality. Thanks buddy!

Smoke It.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

German Weed Warriors

This may be the most horribly amazing biker photo ever!
It looks like everyone in the photo is paired up for some afternoon delight, including the crotch grabbers on the right.

I'm Back Fools.

Sorry for the hiatus, I just got the internet wizard guru to my house to fix my shit. Anyways here's some random photos from some recent happenings.

Larry's daily rider.

Poor buddy Duane has been hospitalized for the past few weeks, so we figured we would make some changes to his scoot while he recovers.

18 rear 21 front and Spenser's old gas tank did the job.


Mike always promotes safety first.

Ape Knuckles ready to race.

Ok. Charlie the Nomad and fire. Right after this photo was taken, he pours gas onto the fire and accidently lit himself on fire. Pants went ablaze. Good thing the stop drop and roll technique works. My heart is still pounding. Gnarly.

Joe cuttin' a rug.