Monday, January 31, 2011

white trashsquatch.

three great events came together this weekend. i finished my chopper and dialed it in enough to ride, and we had 70 degree weather in january as Nick stated earlier, and our favorite local punk band, Skeptic, had a show in the city. that meant the perfect time for a shakedown and some long awaited seat time with friends. heres a few pics of my bobert chopingston and some random traffic shots of the saturday rambling..

outside the bar

looks pretty good with Nick's old tank on there!

lunch run from the shop

(last two stolen from Kustom Jeff!)

thats where the change went!

check the hair. creative club gear!

I love great weather in Birmingham.

We had California weather here in Birmingham this weekend. If you were not on a bike, you definitely blew it. I actually got to put some real miles on my new bike too. One broken foot peg and about a quart of oil later, she's riding like a dream. Now it's back to rain and cold for another month or so.

Holy Cow.

I yanked this photo from the jocky journal. It's an amazing knucklehead from the GNR Show. I really dig this hottie. I'm not sure who built it, but I see the Noise trike in the background. Whoever did it, good job.

The Lost Donk.

Here's a photo of a donk that I spotted in Atlanta with Warren, Jeremy, and Jayson. All of us snapped photos of it from the car and mine is probably the shittiest. Either way, it's awesome. Hand painted masterpiece if you ask me. I want my cookie back? Word.

Friday, January 28, 2011


If you scroll down fast it's kind of like a flip book. Very stoked.

What kind of party was this?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Real Shit Dawg.

This Panhead is about perfect. That shirt looks to be about perfect too.

Booger Toof.

We should get a group together and ride to the Juggalo Festival. I heard there's pregnant chicks smoking cigarettes and doing tons of drugs and shit. Not to mention the class of dudes that will be there. Just look at these winners. Crystal Meth, how does it work?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Party at the trailer park.

Benji came down and took my photo the other day and it pretty much went like this: " Haha, dude I should make myself look shittier than I already do". It's a nice quality photo though.

Tacos are great.

Monday, January 24, 2011

cultural research

look for a full Haints feature in next months issue!

Brothers From Different Mothers.

Jerimiah sent me this photo the other day of him and Warren hanging out. The message said "We miss you guys". The hardest thing about having good friends that live 12 hours away from you is that you hardly ever get to hang out. Warren keeps a sacred Haints coozie with him always just in case a lonely beer needs a hug. We miss you guys too. Daytona is right around the corner and we will join forces soon enough.

P.S...................... If you weren't such a pussy, you could go crazy with us at the V Twin expo in 2 weeks.


Her dad is going to be pissed if she gets caught.

This place rules.

Bridal Veil Falls in NC is a really rad spot to see on a motorcycle. It's right on a crazy mountainous road that's super curvy. The road is filled with jocks on crotch rockets that act like their Gold's Gym membership is about to expire if they don't ride faster than the dickhead in front of them. The road is also filled with bikers that would belong to a website called or some shit. Other than that, its definitely a cool place to stop and smoke and fuck off for a while. We even saw a couple of Injuns there. I actually think that they just heard that the big ass waterfall from Last Of The Mohicans was right around the corner, so they were just dressed to fit in with the culture.

Duane is a bully.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I totally know a guy who looks like the bride. Brunson, Mosley, do you see it?

Laser Tits.

This first picture reminds me of Total Recall. You know they are remaking that? What a crock of shit. Get your ass to Mars!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuff As Nails.

Dammit what a good photo. I makes me want to just punch myself in the face and get on my choppy and wheelie around to all of the biker bars and try to fit in. Seriously, it's as rad photo though.


I really wish that I got as stoked on shit as these type of people do. Damn son.