Friday, October 29, 2010


Here's some random riding shots from RFL.

Flags of pride. Geared up and ready to go.

Ross out running the train.

Packed up.

Hangover interstate ride home.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frank Frazetta

Fuck man, what a badass. If Warren didn't just get a Frazetta mural painted on his knuck, I would be all over that shit. Look at that warrior on a sled being pulled by polar bears through a snowy wilderness. I'm calling that shit as soon as I decide to copy Warren again.


Highway 64

I'm not too awesome at filming while riding, but this is the road along the Ocoee river that I love so much.

Hat Hair.

What a great idea. A top hat would have been way cooler though.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cycle Source Year in Review

It's time again to vote for all your favorites in Cycle Source's Year in Review... Me and my ole Hammer (Ashley) are nominated, so start voting!

Cycle Source Year in Review

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New Recruit.

Here he is. Meet Count Willy. We found this fucker hanging out in front of the beer store reliving scenes from the movie The Crow. He was running around with a guitar and and some ninja stars. Definitely a great dude to have on trips to add to the shock value of the stupid shit we do. He constantly rubs his balls, which is kind of awkward, but everyone needs a vice I guess. Fucking weirdo, welcome to the team.


What a good cover this. Graphic design wise, this works in every aspect and it just plain rules shit. Fucking choppers dude.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soul Glow.

Everything about this photo fucking rules. I forgot where I snagged it from, but I think it's the East Bay Dragons. Bitchin' bikes and hanging out at a BBQ joint that is probably in Oakland, but looks like so many around here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Oh Why

To the Bat Cycle Robin!!!

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Classics: Gatherings.

Here are a few photos from some fun, memorable shit that we did in the past. We still do this type of stuff, but these are classical........

Roland's house. We went to this lame ass chopper show/swap meet in Tennessee. Afterwards, we got up with Roland who recently moved out to the middle of nowhere in TN. His place was an amazing spiritual journey. Larry drank weed that night.

One of the trips to Maggie Valley. This time we went to drop off Brandon's bottom end for Dale and Matt to go through. It was so fucking cold out, like snowing, and we always insist on camping. Duane found some glasses on the mantel and it magnified his eyeballs. Those glasses are still there.

On the way to The Smokeout 2007? 2008? Once again we camped at the museum and I convinced Brandon and Lil Matt to cross a raging river wasted in the middle of the night. Of course Brandon lost his balance and fell in.

Random Arclight show that turned into a sloppy drunk night. This was the night that Brunson and Mosley got their Haints shirts. Neither one was expecting it. Real shit nigga.

Scott H. Biram show. They used to have big ass shows in this little ass art space. Tons of people would show up and get drunk and the building would feel like it was about to fall apart. Hopefully there will be another good show soon.

Pickett had himself a kid. And he brought the little dude to a party that we threw at the shop. This is also the last known photo of Crystal Seth ( bottom left). He's probably in jail in Macon, Georgia or some shit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Road Warriors/ Road Partners.

The gay couple from The Road Warriors showed up. They are soooooo Mad at Max........ Check the bro in the background that has never seen a couple of dudes kiss before. That's my favorite part of this photo.


J-Body now has a start on his new chopper. That front end is a hell of a score.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Critter ass shit.

Watch this shit. Pause the song player thing off to the side, you have to hear this.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What a perfect photo.

I yanked this photo from the RFL thread on chopcult, so whoever took the photo take a bow. The photo is even titled as HAINTSDOG. This is such a rad and funny picture. It was the first night of the Ride For Lightning and everything was pretty calm so far. We hadn't met any of the DS dudes yet, or anyone there really for that matter. This was the test to see if everyone was going to want to beat us up, or have fun. A hotdog loaded with fireworks and a big ass fire with tons of people around it. Duane casually walked over and roasted his wiener until the thing exploded everywhere. Everyone thought it was funny, so game on. He was doing it with marshmallows too.

Looks like a party.

A dirty wizard milking some cheetah tits onto some freak's face while he's staring at a shaft? Fuck, I found this photo on Google images. Weird.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneaky Peeky.

My new bike is slowly moving along. I'm almost ready to tear it down for paint and everything. Shit Falcon is painting the tanks right now. I still don't want to show too much...........


Larry informed me that we are going to build another shop bike. Here's some inspiration.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clown Wiggers.

Ok. I like the way that ICP gives me an endless amount of shit to make fun of, but I thought they were all white dudes. Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think black people would be into this ridiculous type of shit. Maybe it's their token black friend that came out to party with them for a night and probably won't do it again after seeing how crazy them white boys is. Faygo.

A few more from that one night.

There are so many more photos that I have, but they are pretty incriminating. Here's the last of the one's that probably won't get anyone in trouble (other than Jay). No explanations, you just had to have been there.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scooter Trash.

Here's a few that I don't think there are a lot of photos of. The scooter in the bar. Somehow JTP's zuma ended up on top of a pool table and almost caused a bunch of fights. The owner made me leave the bar shortly after this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

fuck computers

I didn't realize that the video didn't load right.

Crash for Lightning

This was the first time Duane got taken by surprise from behind this weekend. The second time was when that critter dude with no teeth and the mullet at the twisted spoke grabbed Duane and said something to the effect of,"I just got out of prison so..." A little bit later our man with the no teeth was getting a little bit too rowdy and escorted out of the bar.

some RFL photos.

well, as seen below our editor in chief Nick has already summed up the madness that was the Ride for Lightning. i just wanted to add some more photos that i was real stoked on from the weekend. oh, and as Nick said, thanks to the DS dudes it was rad to party with you guys, and Jrod/BDAC cats as well!

gas pump turdz


big sky picture from the road leading into the mountains. i have really learned to love riding in the smokies.
smart marketing.

taking a break
making art

perfect stance!

last one. heres a simple explanation of this picture. JTP riding scooter though the embers and small fire, Shane finds full can of carb cleaner. Carb cleaner enters fire. Nick hops on with Jon and goes for a spin though the fire. Neither have any idea of the carb cleaner. dump truck sized mushroom cloud explosion RIGHT BEFORE they ride through! perfect timing! i know someone said they had this on video so get on that!

Ride For Lightning.

We just got back from the run and it was a really good time. Put some really good miles on the bikes, met a ton of cool people, and had a bunch of hangovers. The Death Scientists are rad dudes and did a great job putting this run on. I hope it helps Lee out.

We set off from Birmingham pretty early trying to make it to North Carolina at a decent time. Yeah, I'm rocking a gay pride flag.

A few minor setbacks, but we made it to the mountains.

It got dark on us fast, so Matt let us camp at Wheels Through Time. They also fed us. Every time we end up there we get treated great. Madd respect son.

The mountains are way colder than the city.

Chilling out with a few knuckleheads.

The second camp spot.

There was a big party. Tim and the rest of the dudes gave us an award because they said our crew rode the farthest to get there. Really awesome. We are sending that award to Japan as soon as I get Brandon's address.

Haints coozies. Titties and destroy.

Every time Minor Threat comes on a circle pit starts.

Friends. Choppers.

Headed to the Highlands.

Crazy stuntin'.

We stopped at a waterfall on the side of the road. Duane made karate to it.

This is a great part of the country to ride through.

We saw an Indian.

Fuck man, they were everywhere.

Needing a break from choppin'.

Almost to South Carolina.

Made it. Start drinking. Lose clothing.

Reflecting on shit.

J-Rod scoped out the scene for me.

Social networkings.

Ok, this critter was rad looking. He had the hair and the teeth to be a textbook example. He ended up with a Haints shirt on and got really creepy.

Duane ended up with his Haints shirt off. Kinda.

I woke up very hungover and then took a picture of a bunch of burnt up shit in the fire. I don't think the bar folks were too stoked about that.

A really nice couple that I saw at a gas stop on the way home.

Riding into the sunset. We were glad to be home.