Friday, September 30, 2011

Dismals Canyon.

The plan is to hit this place up the weekend after Barbers. ( Oct.15th). It's starting to get cold out, so no better time to camp.

This Chick....

Has some big knockers. Biltwell photo of me hanging loose and hollering at the ladies at Born Free 3.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scott H. Biram Tomorrow Night!

This will be fun. It's always a good time seeing Scott Biram play. Especially when you add choppers to the mix. Last time he played here it was in a super small space and Tubbs brought a cowbell with him. That last part wasn't that awesome.


This dude has not had a running motorcycle all summer. Until now. The little fucking troll running around inside of his bike has finally been captured. Congrats dog, you have a lot of miles to make up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Weed Steed.

Duane and The Weed Steed are all up in the new Street Chopper. Or Skreet Choppy. Dig it son.
Go out and get it just for the story about how the bike came about.

I guess this a good place for a photo.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

German Beer Festival Weekend.

Whoa, this weekend was out of control. Duane, Bowles, Ape Knuckles, and Myself rode to a small mountain town in Georgia to meet up with the BDAC fellows and celebrate a country that we are not from. Ape Knuckles will act German and all, but his ass has never been out of the South. Anyways, we left Birmingham at about midnight on Friday due to a gremlin in Ape Knuckles' bike. It got cold real fast. We made it to the Georgia state line before we were frozen solid. The next day we got up and boogied up north and met Ryan and started sampling German beers. I honestly don't know how to tell the rest of this story because so much happened and it's all really a blur. Ryan ended up in jail because a group of crazy Christian cult people were protesting gay sex and he showed them his butthole. Then we kept trying to pick fights with them. Dancing at clubs and the locals didn't like it. Good food. Motorcycles. Friends. Clark W. Griswold......... My camera wouldn't work, so Me, Duane, and Bowles combined forces and all took photos will our phones. I can't give a description with each photo because there are so many and so much confusion. That being said, In no particular order: