Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fuck yes we do sports.

And I do it in shorts. And John The Painters panhead is probably the best sports chopper. It has the most dialed in rocker clutch ever. Having a foot clutch instead of a hand clutch allows you to ride with a free hand making it efficient for passes, tackles, or interceptions. 

Action Figure Style.

Dude looks like an action figure that just snatched a bike during a foot chase. It could also be Jesse Ventura's character from Predator in his biker alter ego.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is this stereotyping?

Who gives a fuck? This genius has a Newport cake. I like smoking too. I'm not a fan of menthols though. Someone needs to request a Black & Mild cake.

Ape Knuckles.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vote For The Racing Rebels!

Warren and his crew built this smooth race bike and they need your help winning the competition. Please go to this link and vote for the Racing Rebels.

Big Mountain Run 2012.

Once again, the BMR was way awesome. A weekend secluded in the woods with nothing to do but party. The new location wasn't too awesome, but that was mostly to do with the management and security. I guess that they were used to having Wild Hogs style "biker rallys" with the occasional critter dumping one out and having George Thorogood mixed with Jimmy Buffet cover bands play. When a whole army of real shit heads marches into your venue and decides to take over, then I guess it's normal to be a little on edge. It didn't stop our good time though. There is always more of us than there is of them. We got to see old friends and made new ones. Wrecked a couple of bikes and made working ones not work anymore. Chris Callen knows how to treat his guests, so thanks a ton for the hospitality my man. Here is a scattered mess of random photos that I took.

I told everyone to meet at the Dojo no later than 8:00. That's why everyone showed up at 8:30.

America, fuck yeah.

Lesson learned. If you run a coil made by a certain company that starts with a V and ends with a Twin, your bike might end up in the back of a truck. At least there was air conditioning.

Just some dudes letting their chests get some sun.

We immediately got in trouble with this gun.

Hell yeah we play sports.

Paul now specializes in building custom dunking booths. Get with him for a catalogue of your own. www.bareknuckledunkin'

Straight edge.

Chris made us our own banner.

They fuck too.

Voodoo monkey.


Doug Furious likes to party.

Make your own hat. It's easy.

Choppers bro, you know.

One good thing about the location was that there is a bar in the middle of the place. A good spot for everyone to gather and make the staff very nervous.

Cock fight.

Between the hot licks coming from the guitars and beer thrown in your face, this is pretty much what it looked like.

Yeah, they had stripper poles. They HAD them. Now they are in some trash can and those boxes are probably in a burn pile.


No excuse needed for a shirt to come off.

We kept trying to get Roadside to dump out his lady's knockers, but I guess he was trying to get laid.

Melt your face off. Shred city.

Oh yeah, Eric. Let's hang from the rafters.

Whoa buddy.

Circle pit go!

This is how you have fun.

This is how you hang over.

Don't go chasing waterfalls, find them shits in the woods.

Pantelones? Nope.


An attempt at biker games. This is Warren and Moon going extremely fast and grabbing a mustard coated hot dawg.

Warren Jr. unveiled his new build for the chopper show.

Over the top.

Below the under.

Pretty ass nigga.

Pee pee time.

Tiki pee.

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