Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Birthday of Chris.

Wow. I feel like a bag full of hammered dog shit today, which means last night was super fun. Mosley gets older today, so we all went out and celebrated it. One reason why I love our group of people is that we can't just sit around and drink beers with out fucking with shit. Happy birthday you sonofabitch! Here's the photos.

Brotherly love.

The Shining.

Buckshot and Brandon and my Wife.

This always happens with dart boards. I don't even know why they put them in bars.

William Tell and destroy.

This picture rules.

Concentration. Focus.


Moon's shoe got stuck in the rafters. Moon Shoes.

I really don't like R.E.M.

This is a really tough shot.

Dart to the finger tip.

Boozer has nice form.

Party table.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Found Gold.

Jerimiah found this photo of Nads in an old Horse. He's at the Willy's show posing with some chick and what appears to be Marilyn Manson or a tropical undertaker. I miss you buddy.

Real Deal.

Chosen Few MC circa times of badassness.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

For those of you who didn't know today is Nick's birthday. I think he is 732 years old but because of superior Aryan bone structure he only looks like he is 27 or 28. Send him good vibes and pictures of your dick and/or balls all day (this motherfucker looooves the cock.) Speaking of loving the meat stick, our very own Mosely, (A.K.A. the-gayest-straight-dude-we-know, A.K.A. Cat-tosser, A.K.A. Will Hunting, A.K.A. Dudenoodleer, A.K.A. Pits-of-gold) will be celebrating the anniversary of the day he was created (by being incubated in a old whiskey barrel of Pier 1 catalogs and lavender scented oil diffusers for nine months) this Saturday at Parkside. If you are in town come by and buy these dudes shots and beers. Happy birthday fellas, we love you queers.

Violent Michael.

Hooked me up with a set of his spacers that he makes. Super nice and made to bolt right up to stock Harley springers. They are pretty affordable and super shiny! If you want a set, go here to Violent Choppers. Thanks my man!


You know that critter is having a bad ass time. All of us have been there before. I'm going to try and get to this state for Mosley's birthday on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


At some point during Born Free 3, my bike was fondled by a couple of them Lords of Loud.


I don't know who this is, so fuck you if you do and want to give me a hard time about it. I do imagine though, that his name is Burt and he used to kill west Texas when it came to skateboarding and chicks. Kind of like Styles from Teen Wolf. That shirt of his was aquired by being a roadie for the Eagles when they played the county fair that summer. I need to skate more.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eat My Shorts.

Yes, that is definitely a Simpson's donk.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Whoa Buddy.

This weekend got crazy. Super fun. Super friends. Super family. I can't thank everyone enough. My wife is way pretty. This is Brandon's photo documentary of my wedding, then it's back to the usual posts.

Northern Critters.

Dustin from SPIT sends me some photos of some winners experimenting with their wild side.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nick got married this weekend

This weekend was crazy fun we all partied with all the friends and families of Nick and Laci I was probably the worst best man ever because I stayed drunk all weekend

Rehearsal dinner

Nick crashed at our house so we decided to do what ever local alabama man does before his wedding

And that is go to a muddy river and try gainers

Believe it or not Chuancey even brushed his teeth for this weeding

Haints roll out

Then the rain came

So the party moved inside

Now the real party ,I didn't get many pictures because the beer