Thursday, July 28, 2011

For those of you who didn't know today is Nick's birthday. I think he is 732 years old but because of superior Aryan bone structure he only looks like he is 27 or 28. Send him good vibes and pictures of your dick and/or balls all day (this motherfucker looooves the cock.) Speaking of loving the meat stick, our very own Mosely, (A.K.A. the-gayest-straight-dude-we-know, A.K.A. Cat-tosser, A.K.A. Will Hunting, A.K.A. Dudenoodleer, A.K.A. Pits-of-gold) will be celebrating the anniversary of the day he was created (by being incubated in a old whiskey barrel of Pier 1 catalogs and lavender scented oil diffusers for nine months) this Saturday at Parkside. If you are in town come by and buy these dudes shots and beers. Happy birthday fellas, we love you queers.

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