Monday, March 28, 2011


like Nick said, we had a pretty solid saturday. i took some photos of the the goons and got harassed for never using any of the pictures i take anywhere so here are some from saturday. enjoy!

Moon. Stoked

show trophy planning

nick looking at shovel flywheels. goofy ass face.

chop-off shovel trans. or art. you decide.

Larry made a weld or two...

Luke menaced and bit Duane's ass. shouldnt have been dancing asshole.

Duane making dance. If you've ever met Duane you know how much sense this picture makes....

Kustom Jeff sizing up his sportster chop.

Pickett made it out! good to see you friend.


  1. Kermit rides again!!!! Good shots as usual. I was going to make a similar post, but I guess I'll wait a few days now