Monday, March 24, 2014

First Trip of The Year.

The Bama Swap and Drag was this past weekend, which gave us the perfect excuse for a couple hundred mile ride. Very few photos were taken, but Derek shot these of the ride up there.

Getting ready last minute at The Dojo.

Derek ready to rock and roll.

Trying to start Duane's bike for its first time...... then trying to ride it on its first trip.

My bike ready to go.

We realized Duane's bike wasn't quite ready for action, so it stayed at the shop. We made it about 12 miles before Jbody's bike said nope.

Derek and I jam-a-lamma-ding-donged by ourselves to the campsite while the others got their situations situated.

My panhead rode through a couple of rivers, some massive ruts, jumped some rocks, cruised some Alabama back roads, and started right up. Thanks panhead. I love you.

The swamp meat was pretty good. I slept in and managed to score a couple clutch release arms and I grabbed a tool bag out of a trash can. Everyone else seemed to come up on good shit though.

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