Thursday, December 13, 2012


Man, that city is too much fun. Thanks to everyone that showed us a great time. Especially our boyfriend Jerimiah, who might be the best host in the world. We did a lot of driving around laughing our asses off. I can't wait to go back. Pizza, beefs, fights, beers, hookers trying desperately to suck wee wees, friends. Here are some fun times that we had leading up to the party and touring the city.

Take drugs.

JJ told me that he had a surprise for me. That surprise was Lee Bender, who randomly showed up. I was way stoked.

We went to a dance club that was stuck in the Matrix. Moments after I took this photo, we got in a massive brawl with very tough Mexicans.

Critter face over the shoulder.

Some dude and a monkey named Steve Fauser.

Reece had a really fun weekend. Pizza mission.

Chicago makes you tuff. Back from the hospitals and ready to party.

Dustin's muff diver tattoo. Hairy buttholes.

Ramble Tamble.

Sometimes you just have to run into shit.

Sometimes you just have to get weird.

Chicago's world famous Shit Fountain.

1948 spaghetti motor.

Skating in boots. It works better than the subway.

We found a bookstore that carried porn comics.

The artist is very talented and captured a ton of detail.

A book about dope ass tattoos.

Ghetto art. Hard to explain, but let's just say that it had J Body laughing his ass off.


That's Sportster Tom on the right. He rules. He eats leftovers and drinks leftovers from the night before.


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