Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend of Madness part 1 of 2.

The only things that could have made this weekend better than it was would be seeing Bigfoot, and finding a bag of money stashed in the woods. So, pretty much it was perfectly executed. All of our friends in the woods, tearing through tiny towns yelling like Indians, crashing bikes, jumping off of cliffs, just absolute madness all because Duane gave us another excuse to do so by getting married and needing a bachelor party. The first half of our posse met up and headed out on our bikes around mid day. We took the long route and ended up in the woods of east Alabama. That first night was somewhat mellow compared to how we usually do it, but we were saving our energy for the blowout that happened the next night. Here's the documentation of our day 1.

Everyone was stoked just to be on the road with no goal or destination in mind.

Alabama's roads are really tight if you know which ones to ride.

You can't go on a trip like this without Ape Knuckles. He will do all of the shit that you hesitate to do.

Moon just happy to have a motorcycle again.

Duane was happy just to actually go on a trip this year.

We hit random places. Old downtown areas of smaller Alabama towns always are incredible to ride through.

Reach for the sky.


This is Ryan. Ryan rides motorcycles that he finds or gets for free and builds them out of found objects. They always seems to be bulletproof too. He broke his foot riding around with us last weekend, but that didn't stop him. Even with that gay looking rollerblade with no wheels boot that the doctor gave him, he still jumped on his bike and came with us.

The highest point in Alabama.

Duane's shovelhead.

You can't beat setting up camp while there's still daylight left. We got the area situated and gathered firewood while the rest of our crew that couldn't manage to leave work as early as us left home and headed our way.

J Body's woods gear.

This wizard hung out with me for a while.

Derek came with us all the way from Florida.

It starts. Chauncey and those faces.

I really couldn't believe that Joe showed up. It was almost like old times. I was glad he came along.

Meeks brought the Lil' Bandit just in case we needed to hunt.

Fire jumpers.

I don't know why it's so fun.

Karate in a tree.

Robby in a tree.


Corn shots. Canned corn juice, corn, beer, whisky, disgusting.

Kyle pissed him pants and washed off with beer.

Kyle's tent. No shit.

That's all that I could do for night one before I had to fall asleep.


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