Thursday, August 11, 2011


Robby is back for a while taking care of some family business. TCFB. It's really nice having Brandon back from Japan and now with Robby back from traveling abroad, last night was a trip drinking beer with both of them while working on choppys. We mostly dicussed the Harlem Globetrotters theme song. The rest of the summer is going to rule even harder with this guy around. On another note, Boozer came by last night as well and helped out big time on some shit. Brunson's bike was in need of some serious electrical help and Boozer can always pin point things. Thanks dawg.


  1. You know your friends are fucking awesome when one of them is someone who can call a possum while trying to make shit levitate. Then while that is going on, your other buddy is ranting about the tyrannical bureaucracy of the education system and what the coolest road in Idaho is, all while working on a 30 year old Japanese chopper. Not to mention that your other buddy is an electrical genius and can re-wire your bike with his eyes closed. Every time I hang out with these dudes I learn something incredibly cool. Fuck...I love my friends.

  2. Well thanks for the shout out guys.... glad Robby is back in town that dude is fun times.. oh and Boozer is a wiring stud and a fixing broken shit stud too..