Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New Bike.

I don't post on here anymore, obviously. The social media machine has taken many forms and consumed most of my free time. I did build a new bike recently though. It's a 1940 UL 74" that I've jokingly called "Clown Town". It wasn't supposed to look like this when I started piecing it together, it was actually supposed to be nice and shiny. When I noticed that I had a matching tin set and a seat to compliment them, I decided to once again go in the crusty direction. Oh well, it worked out better this way. My buddy Adam from River Seat Company surprised me with a pillion pad that matches the original Bates seat perfectly.


  1. Thanks for sharing this new bike of yours. The name Clown Town works just perfectly for it. Great seeing the photos. Have a wonderful day.
    Greg Prosmushkin

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