Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This should buy me a few days......

The Vintage Festival starts tomorrow for us, so I won't be able to entertain you fine people with posts for a few days. Hopefully these here non chopper related portraits will make you laugh though. First off, mofo's love their cats don't they? Here's a few human/cat portraits to start with.

Here's one of the blood suckers from Lost Boys with his cat Bongo. I want that piece of skeleton flair that the dude has on his jacket on my vest. This picture reminds my of the Gerard McMann song "Cry Little Sister".

Jan, Fan, and Judy with their kitties Boots and Speckles. How sweet. Don't let the nice photo fool you, these chicks are sluts.

Mark Kowalski and his pal Cheeto. Mark is the comedian around the office, and he practices his stand up acts at homie with his cat.

Enough cats, this is the serious family and their stoner son. They just can't seem to discipline him. He's that kid that tried to smoke banana peels in middle school because he heard it got you high. He's a freshman this year and he's found weed.

Lurch and some kid he borrowed. I actually don't know this creeps name, but he sure looks related to Ape Knuckles. "Come on kid, let's take a picture."

Haha, fuck. Put your damn foot down dude. You're the man of the house and you probably pay the bills too. Or you could be just like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom, which would rule.

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