Sunday, October 3, 2010

Classics: Costumes.

Here's a few from last Halloween. Some are pretty good and others are retarded. It's going to be tough figuring out a way to top some of them this year.

I am an idiot.

Brunson's eyeballs always make me laugh in this photo.

Duane chose to be Vanilla Ice. Real haircut, real hair dye, eyebrow lines shaved, somehow found an early 90's Starter was spot on. Girls wanted to get naked for him.

Mosley was gross. It was hard to talk to him without just going "Fuck, dude."

Ape Knuckles bought this one. Found at the costume store and labeled as ''Ghost". Had to have it. This costume is pretty much stock as you see it. The only modification is a funnel strapped to the top of his head.

And finally, costume of the year. Kenny Powers was spot on. With the combination of forces, we were sure to win a costume contest somewhere. There was a big ass costume contest in this section of Birmingham called Lakeview and the first place prize was one of those motorized coolers that you can ride around on. After waiting for a couple of hours to see which one of our friends won that amazing prize, glory was not reached. The fucker that won was some cock face with some fag beach bod/tan dressed as one of the dudes from 300, only wearing some furry underwear shit. Of course every cheesy ass ho bag cheered for the dude, causing him to win the riding cooler that probably never got used. Until next year.


  1. Holy shit, the Kenny Powers costume is so fucking dead on, it's scary. He needed a gold chain and a perm to really set it off though.

  2. Dude , you know how much a man perm costs? Ballin on a budget son! Maybe this year.