Monday, October 4, 2010

Aint that some shit......

So, Nasty Nick and Bowles have been on the road for a couple of weeks and I got a phone call from them the other day: "Dude, we are in the middle of nowhere and there's a dude that has tons of old Harley shit". Apparently they spotted this duo of a panhead and a shovelhead on the side of the road. They talked to the guy selling them and included in this deal were 5 original Harley frames, 7 sets of original paint tins, and miscellaneous heads and other parts. The price was right on and they called me to see if I wanted to throw in on it. I said definitely and they went back to close the deal. When they got back to the guys place, someone had just bought it all. I hope that lucky fuck enjoys it.

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  1. Yeah, I would've been mad as hell on that one.