Friday, October 1, 2010

secret agent friend

this is our freind Robbie, who is supposedly in "Austin". which must be secret code for "returning home to the past". he never told us because im sure its some super secret government plan to change the future, but he was teleported here from the 1970s. this picture is proof. im absolutely sure of it. just look. i bet his office is right next to President Ford's.

*photo stolen from Blue Moon*


  1. shit is true. i got a glimpse of the dude last week at the pizza joint on "bike night". straight outta the 70's.

  2. damn you beat me to it! when i saw this i thought holy fuck that is robbie's twin!

  3. We did a side by side in person comparison.. Were 99% positive it's him . Just waiting on the DNA results. Turns out Robby may be a vampire..??