Monday, October 25, 2010

Classics: Gatherings.

Here are a few photos from some fun, memorable shit that we did in the past. We still do this type of stuff, but these are classical........

Roland's house. We went to this lame ass chopper show/swap meet in Tennessee. Afterwards, we got up with Roland who recently moved out to the middle of nowhere in TN. His place was an amazing spiritual journey. Larry drank weed that night.

One of the trips to Maggie Valley. This time we went to drop off Brandon's bottom end for Dale and Matt to go through. It was so fucking cold out, like snowing, and we always insist on camping. Duane found some glasses on the mantel and it magnified his eyeballs. Those glasses are still there.

On the way to The Smokeout 2007? 2008? Once again we camped at the museum and I convinced Brandon and Lil Matt to cross a raging river wasted in the middle of the night. Of course Brandon lost his balance and fell in.

Random Arclight show that turned into a sloppy drunk night. This was the night that Brunson and Mosley got their Haints shirts. Neither one was expecting it. Real shit nigga.

Scott H. Biram show. They used to have big ass shows in this little ass art space. Tons of people would show up and get drunk and the building would feel like it was about to fall apart. Hopefully there will be another good show soon.

Pickett had himself a kid. And he brought the little dude to a party that we threw at the shop. This is also the last known photo of Crystal Seth ( bottom left). He's probably in jail in Macon, Georgia or some shit.

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