Monday, October 18, 2010

some RFL photos.

well, as seen below our editor in chief Nick has already summed up the madness that was the Ride for Lightning. i just wanted to add some more photos that i was real stoked on from the weekend. oh, and as Nick said, thanks to the DS dudes it was rad to party with you guys, and Jrod/BDAC cats as well!

gas pump turdz


big sky picture from the road leading into the mountains. i have really learned to love riding in the smokies.
smart marketing.

taking a break
making art

perfect stance!

last one. heres a simple explanation of this picture. JTP riding scooter though the embers and small fire, Shane finds full can of carb cleaner. Carb cleaner enters fire. Nick hops on with Jon and goes for a spin though the fire. Neither have any idea of the carb cleaner. dump truck sized mushroom cloud explosion RIGHT BEFORE they ride through! perfect timing! i know someone said they had this on video so get on that!


  1. The carb cleaner incident and Jeremy's molestation of Karen the Mullet Queen happened simultaneously. Batshit.

  2. Fucking IED and the Eiffel tower damn good times

  3. it was good throwin down with you guys, so much rad shit happening in one weekend and fuck even one night! cant wait for next time

  4. oh and for the record karen had a heart of gold

  5. That blog header is a ruler! Hahahaha!!!!

  6. yeah shes got a great personallity.

  7. the gay pride smiley face flag kills me. glad it was all fun and games and nobody poked an eye out.