Monday, October 11, 2010

Barber Vintage Festival.

Fun ass times. I made some money at first, then spent it all by the time it was all over. It was worth it though. I got some cool chopper parts, drank for 4 days, and hung out with old friends. Here's some photos.

Rikuo. Japan. Very nice.

I scored a few gems.

Bad ass tats. We found Flounder's dope ass design on a gas station lighter.

There was a critter or two. Hulk Hogan's southern relative.

Once the night came, it all turned into mayhem.

I wheelied JTP's dirt bike with Nasty Nick on the back and he fell right off. He saved his beer though.

Joe's pantelones went missing.

Trying to sell shit hung over in the hot sun.

Cool helmhat.

1936 Knucklefuck.

John the Painter's Elsinore.

And finally, the awesomest shit ever.


  1. Looks like nicer weather than last year.
    Critter bikes...really?

  2. Yeah Shane, it was sunny the whole time. Critter bikes........I was amazed.