Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fuck yeah. It's on.

So yesterday morning I got a surprising phone call from Chauncey asking me what time I was going to be at the shop. Within an hour, Chauncey showed up ready to get to work. His bike has been sitting in the corner of the shop collecting dust since he attempted to head out on the Super Trip many months ago. We all know how much he loves to ride and put miles on bikes, and at the same time, fucking hates to work on them. That's why I was so shocked when his ass got straight down to business.

Duane had a full looped Model A spare tire ring which he generously donated to the cause. Chauncey got one half for his bike and I scored a fender for my shovelhead. Thanks Duane!

Makin' it smooth.

Holes drilled, proper fitment, reassembly.

Kick, Kick. Check wiring. Kick, Kick. Check for spark. Kick, Kick. No gas. Started right up.



  1. fuck yeah! thats all that needs to be said!

  2. fuck yeah, indeed.

    your "smoke drugs" label kills me. right on, troublemakers.