Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Recruit.

Oh shit! Meet our newest member of the team. He goes by the name Jojo, aka Da Spoon Man. Our friend Brad introduced this fucktard to us and he fits right in. He doesn't give a shit about anything. He puts ice cream on his dick. He was recently released from a stint in the local correctional facility (where this photo was taken). Apparently on numerous occasions, Jojo was caught standing on the banks of a local river and jacking off to people traveling by boat. Whatever his crime, he definitely knows a thing or two about choppin'. Great addition.

For some reason I feel like I might actually get flagged for this photo. Haha fuck it.


  1. holy shit this takes the cake....

    or i mean ice cream.

  2. I cannot believe that I actually hang around "people" such as yourselves...I'm gonna need some heavy therapy after seeing that pic!!!!!

  3. It's not gay if you don't look him in the eyes.

  4. Hey Nick that only counts if he's your cell mate dude!!!