Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classics: Rallies/Events.

This was the overview of the Biltwell Brodown at the V-Twin Expo. Absolutely insane. The place was literally packed out. Lowbrow and Biltwell did a great job with that party.

This was our spot at the Barber Vintage Festival. It's the one thing that happens in our home town, so we go nuts. Yeah, thats moonshine being passed around. That shit makes you forget life. This year's event happens in one week. I can't wait.

Ohhhh fuck. We live in Alabama........which is badass, and it also means that there are quite a few critter ass bike rallies. This is from one in particular called Faunsdale. Joe and I went down there as the Boozefighters' guests. Joe later got on that pole with the chicks and they weren't too stoked.

The first Big Mountain Run. What a cool event. Burnouts on the mini ramp.

The Just Friends Mardi Gras dance. It was a dope ass time. Madd people there.

One of the Smokeouts. Little Matt met us on the way there and all he brought was a sleeping bag, flip flops, and a pistol. Here he is putting that sleeping bag to use. I still shutter thinking about waking up that morning being hungover, it's barely raining, and we have a 10 hour ride home.

Smokeout again. Duane found someone with boobs and a mustache. Picture taken.

Little Matt doing what he does. Fuck that scooter. Everyone gets hurt on it.


  1. Ahhh the VTwin expo, my first, but not last, encounter with the Haints. Good times, good times b

  2. that little scoot is gonna rule it at barbers im gonna do a wheelie on the wall of death on that bike

  3. Alabama -I really need to go there someday soon. It sounds/looks kick ass... OH, and I would love to see a man pole dancing with half naked chicks while there.

  4. matt in flip flops... its like charlie manson wearing a sweet pair of cargo shorts.

  5. I have a yellow one and a orange on in my garage they rule