Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well it wasn't actually Laughlin, it was the town across the bridge that I forgot the name of. Anyways, this camp spot was one of my favorites on the Super Trip. It wasn't necessarily the campsite that made it so memorable, it was the whole area. We were camped literally a stones throw from the strip with all the casinos and what not, so you had all the vibrant lights and shit. A handful of us went to a casino to test our luck and get free drinks. Rick blew 50 bucks right away. I had never been to a casino before, so I guess that's why it was so memorable for me. We sat at a blackjack table and took advantage of the free booze while the dealer was cool enough to pretty much let Warren play my hands for me. I won a whopping 35 bucks. Duane sat at the slot machines all night yelling at the waitress to bring him drinks and all he got was a beer. Back at the campsite, Jerimiah found some critter ass purse filled with some pills, off-brand cigarettes, and 13 dollars. Off course he took the 13 dollars and the next day his bike decided to shoot a rod threw the case. by Brandon of course.

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