Sunday, May 8, 2011

Winners of the Roundup.

Ok, here are some of the class winners at The Dixie Roundup. I'm missing a few photos including Kustom Jeff's redone Triumph which won Best British and Boston Mike's Panhead which won Best Panhead. All of these photos were stolen due to the lack of pictures I was able to take at the show. Congrats dudes! I hope that the trophies were good enough for all of you rockstars.

Best Sportster.

Best Shovelhead.

Haints Award.

Best Antique.

Best Not Old. (This is the only shot that I can find of the bike, but it's an evo.)

Best Japanese.

Best In Show.


  1. I have a shot of the Best Knuck on my blawg

  2. hahaha Haints award to gangsta brown