Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dixie Roundup and DicE Party!!!!!!!!

Wow. What can I say other than that this event was perfect? I want to personally thank each and every one of you that came from out of town to attend this. You guys made the event. Seriously, we couldn't have done it without all of that support. WAY more people showed up than expected, especially since so many people were fucked up from the massive tornado that hit us on Wednesday. Thanks guys. I also want to thank Matt and Dean from DicE for helping us and Garage Co. Customs make this happen. All of our other sponsors helped so much too. The products that we gave out to the winners of the bike show were unreal. Shane B. also came through with more help than I can explain. I think that we should make this happen again next year and maybe even the year after that. Anyways, no more rambling. Here's the proof....

Friday. Lots of the homies showed up early to experience Birmingham.

So, in typical fashion, we figured it would be a great idea to hit up the bar when the majority of us had to be at the shop super early the next morning.

You know what I'm talking about.

The first bar wasn't enough and I guess it wasn't late enough, so round 2.

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Dean Micetich.

Little nipple VS. Big nipple VS. Butterfly.

Dean picked the winner. Big nipple.

And it starts. Shirts off.


Look at Warren in the background. I wonder what he is saying in this photo?

The bartender didn't like the shirts being off and got pretty pissed about it. He didn't say anything about pants though!

Lets trade hats. Big head, little head.

We can't see your tattoo with all of that hair in the way.

Chauncey kept pouring beer down his pants. I guess his dick was thirsty.

Fuck em.

I was going to type a funny caption, but it's not even necessary.

Thanks Duane and Chauncey for letting so many people stay in your townhouse. You neighbors hate you maybe.

Saturday. This was a few hours before the show was even supposed to start. The parking lot filled up quick.

This is the Haints Award that Shane made. A tattooed bullfrog. Nick Brown actually won this award. Congrats Buddy!

Chewing gum?

My friend and yours, Jerimiah Smith. Ripping the ramp in front of a banner of Duane and a gay pride flag.

Joe came.

Fitting in with the southern culture.

Choppies and Roberts.

Autumn admiring Roadside Marty's perfect hair.

I mean perfect.

People kept showing up.

These next few photos are from the ride to the DicE party from the bike show. I was out front, so I couldn't get too many photos. Let me tell you though, it was a very impressive sight.

There were even more bikes when we showed up to the after party.

DicE party commence!

Nads took a break for a minute.

The bands started playing and Pat got really hyped.

Slide with it.


Party time.

Duane got really full.


Crew sucka.

Mosley had a cookout at his place for those that stuck around and wanted another hangover on Sunday.

Discussing great times and the plan for next year's Dixie Roundup.


  1. looks good, now bring everyone out for born free!!!

  2. I miss you crazy fuckers already!!!! Thanks for letting a brother come up and party down..Roadside Marty

  3. Damn, I missed a good party!

  4. Damn, I wish we had stayed but we had to splitted, we got home by 7.00 pm our time, we hauled ass, you know what sucks about y'all's burg, no likkra on Sundays.

  5. Oh yeah, we never got our tank of gas, give the money to tornado relief.

  6. Will do Nads. Thanks a ton for getting up here.

  7. Sounds like a good crack. I'll be sure to drag some Boston cats down for next year!

  8. glad to see that Chauncey and Jerimiah and warren are crew deep now. Is that one of my old high school chums holding a boy up at the plaza?