Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ok, on a serious note.

What if we were like this dude? The "Kevin". Fun is going to clubs and being 100% serious while you dance, drink, and talk to chicks. Well, most of those pussies don't even really drink. They take a bunch of club drugs like roll and shit, then sip on the same fruity fag drink all night because "beer tastes gross" and if they get too fucked up then they won't be able to take full advantage of the sloppy ass wasted chick in the corner. Dammit man, I'm so glad that I'm into what I do.


  1. I'm dressing like that this weekend just to piss you off.

  2. This is hilarious!! I follow your blog in the UK and this dude's the biggest douche you'll ever meet.

    Pretty muched starved himself to death to get "ripped".

    Check the video...