Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Big Mountain Run 2011: Choppin'

One of the parts I usually leave out posting about our trips is the riding. We do a lot of partying, but we also ride the shit out of our bikes. That's how all of us Haints met, along with some of my bestest friends, Warren Jr. and Jerimiah Smith. We all like dick jokes, getting wasted, and putting miles upon miles on our bikes together. The BMR is in a location that is truly some of the best riding in the country. I'm still not sure which I prefer though. The Colorado mountains are unreal, the New Mexican countryside is chopper freedom, and the mountains that span between Tennessee and North Carolina are beautiful. Either way they are equally amazing. Point being, ride your fucking motorcycle. So here's to some photos actually involving motorcycles!

Chauncey living it.

We blasted up to the mountains quick like to score our usual campsite. That involved riding Alabama's shitty freeways for a hundred or so miles.

Probably one of the worst places to break down.

Riding bikes always puts you in a good mood. It's a good hangover cure too.


One of the stops along the skyway. Jerimiah a top a massive waterfall.

Douglas with his Vice bike narrowing his way through the mountains.

Mosley aboard my lovely Sportster.

Every once in a while, we can convince everyone to ride in a group for about 5 minutes. When that happens, we look really tuff.

Road wizardry.

Ross. Prepared. Blasting off into space.

Riding through the aftermath of an F5 tornado.

Back to Alabama.

Chopper Dreams.

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