Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surf's Up.

I jacked this photo of our friend Ryan. Here he is in Sturgis surfing the Candyman bike with trailer in tow. This bike won the shovelhead class at Born Free 2. I heard that he wrecked this thing around the time that this photo was taken. Those of you that don't know Ryan, well, this photo is a pretty good description of him. A mile a minute. "Titties and beer is why Candyman's here."


  1. Tis true he ate shit about 3 seconds after this shot. notice the bike is leaning a little to the right. He bailed off the side and the bike hooked a hard left and got stuck on the embankment. rad dude.

  2. rad!! nah this one was a make it was the next lap that i went down she sent me a pic right before dive off its hilarious...haha