Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bastard Bash: Fun.

Myself, Duane, Spenser, and Kustom Jeff decided to roll up to North Carolina for the annual party put on by the Quad Cam Bastards. It fucking ruled to say the least. Met a lot of great people and made a few new friends. I'll put it this way, if you bought a 10 dollar raffle ticket, all of your booze for the whole weekend was on the house. Seriously. We drank so much and never ran out. Rob, thanks again for the hospitality. Oh yeah, I guess the ride across the country was too much for my camera to handle, so it's broken. I did download an app on my iphone though, so I can take some photos and express myself in the form of art.

The ride up there. Overlooking the Ocoee river. I love this road, it is nothing but great scenery the whole time.

It rained pretty bad the first day, but that didn't stop anyone.

Rain leads to a lot of random conversations. Talked about weirdo shit under this pavilion..

The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford.


Rob was wondering if I was going to take any critter photos. Here you go.

At the top of the Fugitive dam. It was cool.

Photos of photos being taken.

I told you I was here to express my art. Damn son, look at this photo. I thought about trying to skim board down this thing, but I left my equipment in Panama City.

Joe is from California. He is currently traveling the country on his bike. We got to meet him for the first time and I think he is our new best friend.


Duane reciting passages from the Dark Kustoms Handbook.

Bad 2 da bone.

A great group of people. I had fun. I will plan on attending again next year.


  1. Nick, you always seem to have a good time.

  2. Do you remember what Joe's last name was. I tried to find him on Chop Cult and didn't have any luck. I think I found our other friend though. Over 700 miles this weekend and it kicked major ass!!!

  3. By the way, here are my pics from the party...

  4. Sweet vintage-ish pics.
    Everybody's a fucking photographer now.
    I gotta APP for ya, its called get a goddamn camera!!!
    I hate you motherfuckers so bad.


  5. nice pics. hopefully no miatas up there. last time i went to ride i was stuck behind a processional of old men driving miatas. sucked.

    see you at the ride for lightning next.

  6. I know Joe's last name, i ain't tellin you fuckers! chopcult - Joenots

    I'll be getting all my pictures up from the bash & the whole ride as soon as i get home. not sure when that is though. I might be out for 2 more weeks or maybe 3-4. been over a month & almost 6000 miles & i haven't left the east coast yet.

    Livin The Dream! you guys are fucking awesome! had a great time with you.