Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun night.

Derek came in town this weekend and he had these couple of old photos from a few years ago. I forgot about this shit. In the first photo we all got pretty wasted and gave Ape Knuckles a bitchin' haircut. He looks like a unicorn that is into goth shit.

As the night progressed, we got even more intoxicated and ended up shaving that turd of a haircut off of Ape Knuckles head with a razor.
Side story: This all took place at a party house that a few of our friends had. In the bathroom everyone would shave their heads, pubes, beards, etc. and never clean it up. We would just sweep that shit over to the corner into a huge pile.
Back to the story: After razor shaving his head, we continued to put gel and hairspray on his bald ass head because it was pissing him off and it was funny. Before I knew it, someone had grabbed that pile of critter ass gross hair and dumped it on Ape Knuckles' head. He doesn't look too bummed in the photo because he doesn't know what's on his head yet.

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