Monday, May 31, 2010

Care package from the Hate Factory.

Shanebo rules. You see people sending each other shirts or products from their shops or companies all the time. Fuck you. Those people have never received a real care package before. I open up this size 11 Nike box addressed to me and there is this awesome note. Underneath the note gets better. There is a fabricated tri-knife that would be useful especially for ninjas, a brick of firecrackers, a ring with a horse morphing out of it, the new Vibes magazine, a BOSS patch, a flask with a wizard on it, a Cadillac emblem, a kustom, a fuckload of stickers, and a rather large safety pin. That's a care package mother fuckers.


  1. I'm sure that if/when I receive one in return, it will pale in comparison.

    Me hate you long time.

  2. Faggot never gave me anything, 'cept for clap.