Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bike Nite at the shop.

So we had another hang out night at the shop yesterday. It was a pretty decent turn out considering we gave very little notice. Once again we did dumb shit. It was fun.

Yeah, we are so cool that 1936 knucks show up to our bike nites.

Whitey got his bike pretty much wrapped up. I got a photo of him taking it on its virgin ride. For those of you that know, there are no words to describe the feeling of taking your creation down the road for its first ride. Congrats Whitey. I'm stoked for you. New Triumph, old steez.

I love how random shovelheads will just show up. Birmingham has an extremely small chopper scene, which is rad because you know everyone and everyone helps each other out. That's why I think it's so cool when you see a bike that you have never seen, and meet a person that you have never met just coming out of the wood work.

Big Don. My dirtbike. This bike is big as shit. Like tippy toes on one leg type shit. Don is so massive that he makes it look like a 50. He rode it like a pro though.

Scooters. Perfect weather.

Once the beers kicked in, Joe did some dancing.

Larry tried to make it a rave with a fire extinguisher, but ended up spraying Joe in the face.

That shit sucks. Fire extinguisher shit sucks real bad. But fuck you guys. I don't feel bad. Right after I took this photo Larry and Joe thought it would be funny to rub a used up, wet ass chicken carcass in my face and put it down my pants. It would be funny if I was in a car, but no, I was on my bike. And it was cold. And chicken grease doesn't dry up like water. I was cold the whole way to the bar and home. Dick slapping when you gotta take a shit is funny too. Fuck you guys.


  1. I posted my pics of the bikes outside on my blog if you want to see them...