Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Mountain Run 2010!

I just got back home from the BMR and it was fucking rad. This event is hands down my favorite every year and there is no question why. Thanks everyone for the hospitality and it was great to drink beer with you. Every which way you looked, there was some fun shit going on. When we left the camp headed home today, a dog ran out from the woods right into my front wheel. Fourth gear pinned then bucked like a cowboy right off my bike to bouncing off of the pavement. I'm pretty jacked up and my bike is currently out of commission, so I'll post most of my photos from the trip tomorrow. Until then, here's a few samples.


  1. let me know if i can help with parts for ur bike

  2. Let me know if I can help man. Got lots of sporty parts layin around. Glad to see your okeedokee.

  3. Thanks guys, hopefully I have everything but you may be getting a call.