Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend miles, camping, and skating.

This weekend ruled. We had a perfect combination of things going on. Great weather, most of our bikes were running, and there was a new skatepark opening in southwest Alabama. No better reason than to hit the road for a weekend.

9:30 meet up time. Of course most people didn't show up until 10:00.

Getting on the road. You know that feeling right when you head out on a trip? Yeah, juiced.

Boogying down the freeway.

Blasting past cars and hauling ass.

We were all stoked that PJ made it.

The Ironhead runs like a champion.

Posse fuckin deep.

Clutch adjustment.


Headed south into pretty country.

We stopped off at The Twix N Tween for lunch.

All you can eat country fried steak? Sold.

Right when we finished our meal, Brunson and Mosley rolled up to join in on the fun.

Continuing south bound.

What's down there?

Chauncey's fuel filter melted and Joe's carb fouled his plugs, so we pulled over for a minute.

Back on the road headed to Greensboro.

Very curious to check out this concrete skatepark in the middle of nowhere.

Well, we got there and it is pretty impressive for such a small town. Over in the far section is a bowl section.

Dope tan yo.

Sup pimp.


We left the park and started to head back towards camp, but Chauncey needed to find an auto parts store so farther south we went.

After about 10 miles down a country road we realized that there was no stores at all. Nice country though.

Headed back to camp, Robbies clutch cable came undid. Zipties? Fixed.

We realized that it was about to get dark, we haven't set up camp, and we were 25 miles from the state park. Racing the sun.

Got there just in time to set up and start a fire.

Matt tried to catch us dinner.

Long night. Lots of drinking and smoking of the pots. I woke up first.

Aaron woke up last and felt great.

We need to get on the road.

Nothing cures a hangover like trying to master a unicycle.

Packed up and ready to go.

Another pretty day of riding.



Chauncey got a flat.

Unicycle while waiting to fix it.

Got the situation taken care of and headed home.

Made it back perfect. Next weekend we head North.


  1. Weekends like that live eternally in your heart and soul.

  2. That's fuckin rad boy's.I'm hoping to do the same very soon.


    I hate on you fuckwads, alot (sorry, its what I do).
    But this why we do what we do and we need to do it more.

    Truly inspiring.
    I hate you all so very much.