Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday Happenings.

It was 80 degrees out today. I sweated for the first time this year today. Fucking rules.

The weather kicked so much ass, there was no way I wasn't going to be riding.

Duane showed up and hung out at the shop.

We decided to go check out a local bike nite. On the way Robbie ran out of gas. He tried to syphon gas out of Duane's tank.

I guess when you get a mouthful of gas you find anything to take that taste away. In his case it was a combination of different weeds.

We got to the bike nite. It was bad. I mean badass.

Kevin's chopper, check. Chick with tits posing on it, check. Joe creeping up in the background to get in the picture, check.


  1. 失去金錢的人,失去很多;失去朋友的人,失去更多;失去信心的人,失去所有。 ..................................................

  2. NICK!! Couldn't find a way to email ya. J&P Cam cover $257.99 just so ya know!

  3. Rad, I'll check it out. Thanks.