Sunday, April 18, 2010

Road Warriors.

We put some miles on our bikes again this weekend. We took a trip up to north Alabama to kick it with our friends up that way. Good weather, badass roads, lots of fun.

Headed out.

Knees in the breeze.

That vest rules.

Hands down my favorite photo of the trip. Highway acrobatics.

The best thing about riding motorcycles in Alabama is the constant change in terrain.

These are always the best type of roads to take.

It's always more fun with more of your bros.

Chauncey ridin' high.

Duane lookin' high.

Smoking weeds.

Roberto got daredevilish shooting footage the whole trip.

The sun on our backs and countryside.

Riding the tank.

Almost there.

We rolled up and immediately got beer.

Fire starter. Remember my last post involving Charlie and fire?

Far out man.

Joe got drunk? Whats that?

Next morning.

Yeah, Joe got drunk.

Party at Rick's Cycle Parts.

Live 2 ride.


America fuck yeah.

SAMCRO brother.

This is how you dress your ol lady up to go out in public.

Barhopper Michael is in the process of building a shop. We stopped by and checked it out on the way home. Shit is dope son.

With a couple drops of rain, we highwayed it back to Birmingham.

The hungover ride home.

We made a buddy on the side of the road. Peanut.

Weekends full of riding with your friends makes you feel like you accomplished a lot. Livin' Free.

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