Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Mountain Run 2010!

It's only a few weeks away and I'm stoked. Last year was fun as fuck and this year is going to be a whole lot bigger. You can't beat hanging out in the woods with your bros playing with motorcycles, drinking lots of booze, and swimming in mountain rivers. They are even letting a couple of Haints play music on stage this year. This is one event that is totally worth going to. Hope to see some of you fucks there!

Oh yeah, here's a photo of me last year at the BMR. See, I told you it was fun.


  1. I can't wait...I'm gonna freebase PBR and do BMX endos on my brakeless chopper....it'll be neat!

  2. Damn I was just gonna freebase Schlitz. Guess I was topped.