Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Instagram Has Killed The Blogs.....

...... And I'm just as guilty as the rest of you. It is sad though. I used to get up every morning, do my coffee and all that shit, get settled into work, and just read about everybody's cool chopper adventures. I don't even carry a camera anymore. I mean, I never carried a nice camera because I know I would fuck it up, but I could always have a point and shoot tied to my vest so I wouldn't lose it or smash it in the midst of drunken stupidity. Every photo I take now is with my phone. So, here's phone photos you can look at. Sorry about the Insta-zombie apocalypse going on. I still try to update this thing on the regs.... #meeksinventedeveryhashtagworthashit


  1. jason webber and i talked about this the other day. "instagram killed the blogie blog star"

  2. Instagram, Blogs, and Facebook have killed the human brain.

  3. I still check Haints and church of choppers daily instagram is neat but i like my critter time on the big screen

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