Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buck You.

Hermit found this pissed off deer head. Deer would be kind of cool if they were something you had to watch out for while walking in the woods because the were mean. Instead, they are geniuses and like to hurl their bodies in front of bikes and cars. They are the sole reason why I hate riding at night. Unless I'm in the city, then I love riding at night.


  1. Yeah, fuck those things, you guys can have that shit, give me 'roos any day or night.

  2. I'm pretty sure the one that almost body checked me when I was riding had that look on it's face.

  3. Kamikazee deer can get you on the back roads. A drunk pulling out of the strip club parking lot can ice you in the 'hood. But the most dangerous beast on the road prowls the suburban streets of Amërïkä in Daddy's brand new Audi:

    The seventeen-year-old chick texting her bff from behind the wheel.

    " OMG ! Like i never even saw that biker. LOL!!!"

  4. I know girls like that, that aren't 17.