Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meanwhile,back at HQ...

So today is our boy Nick Resty's b-day. Since pretty much everyone else is in Milwaukee at hood-bush, I thought I'd keep your fix of regular Haints postings going.  I wish to a god I don't believe in that I was at Hood Bush with you guys, but a new born, a Mom with pancreatic cancer (that's not a joke so take it easy), a business to run and just all the other daily shit kept me at home.  Anyway...All the Haints who had to stay back in the Ham wish you happy fucking birthday buddy.  We'll go do dumb shit on our choppers when you get back. So if you're in Milwaukee hit Nick in the balls and tell him, "happy birthday, faggot". are some pictures.
 What would this blog be without some juggalos?  Not shit that's what.
 A chick carrying a big piece of corn.
 Knuckles fighting a dog as a kid.
 A cat smoking.
 This is what the internet is for.
 The skate park in Louisville. Hash-tag Ramble Tamble.
 The birthday boy if he didn't make as much money as he does now.  What am I talking about?  He wouldn't have a job if he looked like this.
 The night J-body, Moon, Meeks, Bowles and Knuckles got their shirts. 


  1. The Show Class calendar told the world about Nick Resty's birthday. Keep the shiny side up and give some strippers quarters for tips and see how fast you can run.