Monday, July 30, 2012

Hood Bush 2012.

Holy shit. I don't even know where to start. If you missed it, you just don't know. The entire trip was so mind blowing and amazing from start to finish. The show itself was such a great idea and done so well and chaotic that it couldn't have been any better. The ride from the show to the party was out of control. The party was unreal and the best thing that anyone has done for me on my birthday. Thanks for everything guys. The whole weekend could pretty much be summed up by saying that Milwaukee got taken over by every amazing person that rides choppers. From blasting through the bar district in a massive pack with no regard of the many cops present, to partying out of control all day every day. Best trip ever. Thanks to every person that showed up, that means more than I can put into words. Team Heavy, Bravetown, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Warren, fuck man. I can go on and on. Dustin, Justin, Brandon, and the rest of the Valley....... thanks so much for the hospitality and making this event what it was. It seriously was amazing. Good friends are the most important thing to have and I'm pretty sure that all of the people that I call friends feel the same way. Here are some photos that are super random and most of them I have stolen from other people.

The ride from the show to the party. Taking over the roads in a pack of about 60. That was an amazing feeling.

Two of my favorite people. Kyle and Jerimiah. Get loose.

The Harley museum with our bikes out front.

Fuck yeah we brought the backwards pees.

Uncle Ted took me out on his dirt bike to show me his swamp donkeys.

Oliver showed up and broke into buildings with us.

Josh got to reenact the scene from my last trip to Milwaukee.

Posse deep to the frat boy bar area where we parked exactly where we wanted and all got tickets.

This is the most epic backwards pee so far. I honestly do not know how to top it at this time.

Cheeseburger Moon. He tried his hardest not to let me get a photo. Looks like he lost.

Dude, you don't use urinals like that.

Rides that you dream of.

Used properly.

Strip clubs and bikers, bro.

When we pulled into town, we literally drank one beer then saw Ted Nugent. Definitely a good start to a perfect trip.

Stick and pokes of course.

Kevin has dad strength.

This must be that chopper shit you were telling me about.

Everyone knows how this feels. You have to go home the day after an event no matter the distance, yet you always end up going bigger the night before. Uncle JJ gives a perfect example of one of those sights.

Meeks aka Thingman gives no fucks.

Blackout time.

This is the best tattoo ever.

This is right before I got covered in beer. This is just the crowd outside that wasn't inside watching the bands.

The amazing human that is Kyle Morrison.

Brokeback Fountain. Real bikers kiss on the mouth.


  1. Backwards pissing at high altitude, classic, the man is a zen master/mistress. Great shots of all you nice boys having a nice time.

  2. Nobody ever say that the "Haints" don't party !!!!

  3. backwards pee on the ledge made me cry.

    oh shit is that funny...