Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We are almost fully moved into the Chopper Kai Dojo, so everyone has already started coming and hanging out on a daily basis. There has been talk of a new years thing happening there which would be convenient seeing as though its right next to all of the cheesy clubs and has a great view of the fireworks. That would be a good time for an official break-in party. We'll see.

The other day, Mosley brought some of his family's holiday tractor fuel for all to taste. Your choice of 90, 100, or 160 proof.

Boozer favored the 160. It may have made him temporarily blind.

Brian wired up our 220 plugs to run our big things. There was speculation that Duane's massive MIG was going to pop a breaker, but the electrical current prevailed and the lights didn't even dim. Well done fine sir.

We got down to business and started working on our first choppy of the Dojo. Critter bikes are where its at.

Six bends? Ape Danglers? Quasi Motos?

I think they'll work.

Don't forget to pee backwards.

Chopper boogie. Man scarf.

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