Monday, December 5, 2011

Tech Article: Getting to know your bike.

I almost got sidetracked by not posting enough motorcycle shit on here. People might start to think that we are "gay" or not web-biker enough to hang with the rest of the pack. Therefore, I will continue with another tech article for your education. It is very important to know your bike. A good exercise that I like to do to quiz myself is just randomly take a motor apart for the fuck of it.

Before I get right down and dirty with it, it is crucial to lubricate the motor so it comes apart easier. We like to pour oil straight in the oil hole.

Every time I take one of these weird looking coffee cans off, I check to see if it is properly balanced.

We found this stuff at the auto parts store. I like to spray it all over the inside of the motor because it is flame proof. You don't want anything to catch on fire. Duh.

This is how you pee backwards.

Organization is key. I like to put everything in a pile and push it off to the side, but Brandon showed up and mixed me all up.

Another good mental exercise you can do is have your friends show up one at a time and play with things. This tests you to see if you can stay focused in a distracting environment.

Keep repeating that process until enough people show up to where they finally break your concentration. It is unhealthy to concentrate that long anyways.

I also like to have as many projects going on at once as possible. This keeps your mind refreshed and strong. One side project was turning Brian's bike into a Jax Teller replica from Sons Of Anarchy.

It's ok if you can't figure out how to put things back together. I always look as it as a nice decorative addition to the shop. People know you mean business when you have motors strewn about.


  1. Shit i've been doing it all wrong...better pull my pan out and try it again.

  2. just a little tip here, take it from a pro. for maximum lubrication stop using gas it will just dry everything out, fill all tanks with heavy duty gear oil, you'll never have a problem with lubrication again.

  3. also, pay attention to how oily the outside of your engine is. you know whats preventing that oil from getting INTO your engine? gaskets, get rid of them, they do way more harm than good.