Monday, December 19, 2011

Karate Practice.

We spent the entire weekend getting the Dojo ready to move into. Actually, it was mostly watching Brian re-wire the place while we set fires and jumped bicycles. Brian killed it with the lighting. If all goes to plan, then the shop area will look like Clark Griswold's house in Christmas Vacation after he strung the lights. We have been talking about getting a building for a long time now and it has happened. Super stoked. The spot has already proven to be worth its weight in gold with the location alone. We sat around a barrel fire and pre-gamed before hitting the bars up, which took us literally 2 minutes to get to. Hopefully, we should be all moved in and set up by New Years.

There was some junk left in the offices from the previous owners including a cash register. It got fucked up with a hammer and there was about twelve cents in it.

Street view. There is a razor/barbed wired fence surrounding the entire property with sliding gates on either side. That was a big selling point.

Ape knuckles showed up later, peed backwards, then claimed to be the first to do it at the new spot. Wrong. Duane broke in the backwards pee at about 10 in the morning. Sorry Ape Knuckles.

Pee Wee left his bike there for us to stunt on.

Peg board got hung on one of the walls in the shop part. I think I only did that so I could shoot nails into the concrete. That shit was tight.

We can't thank Brian enough for the work he has done for us. This is the start of hanging lights. Every couple of feet there is some gnarly set up.

Brandon got his paint on because Brian insisted on us painting the shitty old wall in the back. Great job!

Fuck a heater when you got barrel fires.

This is that part in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when he is getting chased through the different movie sets.


  1. Congrats doods, looks like a cool spot, when is the grand space warming partaay?

  2. Not sure yet, but we will let your violent ass know.