Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party Photos!

As most of you know, we had a blowout party this weekend. The turnout was amazing and I especially want to thank everyone that traveled to get here. That shit means a lot. Too much fun, debauchery, and booze. Anyways, here's the proof......

We started getting into party mode at about noon, so we stunted around on the mini bikes.

This photo rules. Robby just getting off of a 23 hour bus ride to come to the party, jumps on the mini chopper and fucking gets it. Touch the wave.

This jump was debated for a while, but it happened ok.

Race track.

Stunt jumps.

By the time people started showing up, we were good and liquored up. Oh yeah, that's my new bike in the background. John The Painter hand delivered my tanks and its ready to go. I'll make a post for that later, but I'm really stoked on it.

Casualties of war.


American brand beer and gold guns, fool.

Dammit. FourLoko fucks you up for real. No wonder they banned that shit. Kyle scored some of it and look what it did. It made his dick disappear.

FourLoko gets you Loko.

The Weed Steed has started its makeover.

I like this photo too. I'm not that great with a camera, but sometimes I get lucky with photos. This was actually pretty mellow compared to the rest of the night.

Danzig on the stereo.

There were a lot of people there.

Beer got poured all over the floor, so what better to do than burnouts?

It lasted for a long time and it was awesome.


Alvarez rules. He painted and framed us a photo and made us all prints. Then he proceeded to tattoo anyone that was up for it.

Another lucky photo. Action shot. There was beer everywhere and on everybody.

Kustom Jeff getting an awesome tank with apes tattoo.

My favorite photo. This pretty much sums up the party. If anyone asks me how it was, I just want to show them this photo and it's the perfect explanation.

Ross the Boss with a perfectly executed belly slide.

Casualties of war.

Box head.

Big Dan has this thing that he calls jump starts. It's when you've been drinking all night and you start to get tired. A slap across the back with an object super hard cures that. This time it was a motorcycle chain. Gnarly.

Eric got a tattoo. It's two pigs fucking. Since he is from Georgia, I begged him to get " Macon Bacon" under it.


Jrod got a BDAC tattoo and it ruled, but I didn't get a photo of it. That's all for now.


  1. appreciate the invite, fellers. as always, good dudes, great times. ya'll throw a hell of a party. look forward to next time.

  2. fuuuuck I wish I could have went!

  3. That pic makes me look like I was taking a shit! Maybe I was and I just forgot. My pics are up too if you want to see em.

  4. Is Chauncy doing the chicken dance in that pic of Alvarez?

  5. I especially want to thank everyone that traveled to get here. That shit means a lot. Too much fun, debauchery, and booze. Anyways, here's the proof.. Limo Service in Atlanta